Fast Fusion, LLC - HDPE Pipe Fusion

Fast Fusion, LLC is dedicated to designing and manufacturing mobile automated machines that are specialized in the fusion of polyethylene piping products. Innovation and technology is our primary focus in the process of pipe fusion. The benefits include improved safety, consistent fusion weld quality, reduced labor costs and greatly increased hourly productivity.

MobileFusion Trac Machines

MobileFusion Trac machines allow one operator, using the FastLoad® boom, to easily self-load the pipe while driving forward. The pipe enters the enclosed cab where the operator can control the environment for quality fusion welding. With the Fast Fusion® system, the PE is joined up to 70% faster than current conventional methods. The MobileFusion Trac machines do not drag or pull on the pipe which is time consuming, inefficient and can damage the pipe. Fast Fusion® is fully automatic and controlled by Fast Fusion® proprietary software. The Fast Fusion machines are the future of HDPE pipe fusion.

Cool Pack®

The Cool Pack® is a self-contained machine with Fast Fusion® patented technology, that allows HDPE welds to cool as much as two times faster than the conventional methods used today. As the pipe diameter increases, the hourly production does also. The Cool Pack machines are available for pipe sizes from 4” (110mm) to 79” (2,000mm) and can be easily added to any manufacturers fusion machine. Why not demand the best?

American Hydraulic Compressors

American Hydraulic Compressors have been used with truck outfitters for over 60 years of dependable service to meet the toughest of demands on support vehicles in the service, industrial and mining sectors. In extremely hot or cold weather conditions, AM-HC quality and durability has proven to be the ultimate choice for your compressor needs.

Fast Fusion, LLC is relocating…

Fast Fusion LLC and American Hydraulic Compressors LLC will be relocating to our NEW FACILITY between Monday, November 10, 2014 and Friday, November 14, 2014.  

We will reopen Monday, November 17, 2014. Our new factory will allow us to provide better and higher quality service to all our current and future customers.  If you know of product or part needs for the next few weeks, we encourage you to place your orders ASAP so we can get those items moving to you before we begin our move period.


Fast Fusion LLC / American Hydraulic Compressors LLC
1564 HWY 14
Knoxville, IOWA 50138 

The corporate address for all accounting purposes will remain:

Fast Fusion LLC / American Hydraulic Compressors LLC
743 Horizon Court
Suite 334
Grand Junction, COLORADO 81506

The Phone numbers of our personnel can be found on the web site by clicking the tab –  ABOUT US.

During this brief shut down period please continue to contact us as you always have. We will process your orders as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you for your patience as we grow with you,

The Fast Fusion and American Hydraulic Team