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Fast Fusion Technology is a patented weld bead temperature control which speeds the polyethylene pipe fusion cooling process.

Dust. Rain. Snow. Sand.
Overcome Them All.
Our flagship product, the MobileFusion Trac (MFT), protects the fusion operator and all operations from the elements. That's why pipeliners around the world are turning to Fast Fusion products to protect their butt fusion integrity, fuse faster, and protect workers on site. Fusion operators enjoy heating and cooling elements for a climate-controlled cab, while 360-degree windows allow the operator to view all around the fusion operations. The windows also allow the fusion operator to drive the tracked MFT to the next stick of pipe, load it into the FastLoad boom loader, and getting on to the next fusion joint.
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Fully Automatic Control

Each MobileFusion Trac and Cool Pack comes with fully automatic controls that are easy to understand and walk the fusion operator through the Fast Fusion process.

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